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On site is possible download Management Pack Backup Exec 2010 R3 for SCOM (SCE) – It’s nice management pack :), but if you have change „Language for non-Unicode programs“ to other then English, you have the problem with comma [type mismatch] with this MP.

How to it repair:
1. You must first export this MP: c:\program files\System Center Essentials\mpexport.exe GUID
2. Install System Center Authoring Console
3. Open MP in SC Authoring Console
4. Go to Discoveries and open properties Symantec_Backup_Exec_for_Windows_MPscom2007_En.DiscoverRemoteAgent
5. Go to Configuration and click Configure …
6. Go to script and add after line „Option Explicit“ this command : setLocale(2057)
7. This same to do in Symantec_Backup_Exec_for_Windows_MPscom2007_En.DiscoverServer
8. Save, save, save … and then export to SCE/SCOM 🙂

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