Reporting Services 2005 na Windows 2008 R2

Pár odkazu na které jsem narazil při řešení problémů: Jak zapnout povoleni zobrazeni chyby Spustit na SQL kde je Reportiong Services 1.    Create a text file and copy the following script into the file. Copy Public Sub Main() Dim P As New [Property]() P.Name = "EnableRemoteErrors" P.Value = True Dim Properties(0) As [Property] Properties(0) = P Try rs.SetSystemProperties(Properties) Console.WriteLine("Remote errors enabled.") Catch SE As SoapException Console.WriteLine(SE.Detail.OuterXml) End Try End Sub 2.    Save the file as EnableRemoteErrors.rss. 3.    Click Start, point to Run, type cmd, and click OK to open a command prompt window. 4.    Navigate to the directory that contains the .rss file you just created. 5.    Type the following command line, replacing servername with the actual name of your server: Copy rs -i EnableRemoteErrors.rss -s http://servername/ReportServer  
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