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To configure heartbeat and DNS settings in a multi-site failover cluster

1. On a node in the cluster, open a Command Prompt window.
2. Determine whether to change the heartbeat settings, for nodes on a common subnet, nodes communicating across subnets, or both. For background information about heartbeat settings, see the link at the beginning of this topic.

The default value is that (regardless of subnet configuration) a heartbeat signal is sent once every second (1000 milliseconds) and when a node misses a series of 5 heartbeats, another node will initiate failover. The range for heartbeat frequency is once every 250-2000 milliseconds on a common subnet, and 250-4000 milliseconds across subnets. The range for missed heartbeats is from 3 through 10.

3. To change the heartbeat settings, run one or more of the following commands. Note that the first two commands affect nodes on a common subnet and the second two commands affect communication across subnets:
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> /prop SameSubnetDelay=<value>
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> /prop SameSubnetThreshold=<value>
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> /prop CrossSubnetDelay=<value>
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=<value>

4. To confirm that the heartbeat settings are set as intended, run the following command:
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> /prop

5. View the network names of resources currently configured on the cluster by running the following command:
cluster /cluster:<ClusterName> res

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